About Us


Who we are.
   Smart Switch is a non-profit student organization that will give you information about electricity development issues. Smart Switch is here to make a difference by being a powerful online voice of change.

 We as students would like to help as much as we can to ease electric power development issue.  Although we are not powerful enough to make public policy nor we have enough money to build a mega revolutionary project, nothing can stop our efforts to spread out this information.  We believe that every big thing starts from small things. That is why we are really passionate to create this movement.

  Smart Switch is not only a group of teenagers trying to take part in improving the electricity usage in the world.  It is also a movement that we hope more people can contribute and join us to achieve our goals.  Although at first Smart Switch was just a random idea arising in conversation, we have been trying to make it become reality.
   Smart Switch believes that switching on the youths’ concern is a small step to achieve sustainable electricity lighting up the world.

What we do.
    We give information and solutions about electricity development issues. We share our ideas, knowledge, and creativity through articles, poetry, pictures, music and videos.  We also conduct research, experiments, field-trips, and interviews with the experts who are also passionate about this project.  Then, we wrap up the educative aspects with fun games and activities in our interactive website to attract youths’ attention.

Our Missions.

To inform. To inspire. To energize. To ignite youths' concern about sustainable electricity.


Why Youth

Smart Switch's main target audiences are youths.   Majority of today's population is youth, and that is why we believe that youths can be powerful agents of change.  Youths will be future world leaders who will make decisions impacting our earth condition.

We have conducted small survey and interviews among our peers and found out that although electricity has been an inseparable part of their daily lives, they know very little about recent electricity problems.  Therefore, we will not let the ignorance go on.  We believe youths do care about sustainable electricity and can contribute huge positive changes in their societies as long as they are given the right information and directions to do so.  That is why, Smart Switch is here to guide the youths!